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Mail Server Software

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ADJE WebMail
Perl CGI scripts provides a web interface to existing email accounts on any POP3 compliant mail server and send email through a standard SMTP server daemon. These scripts must be installed on a Unix operating system.

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Mailbox Verifier
Small free software that will notify you about new messages arrived to your mailbox. The number of mailboxes MV can check is unlimited.

Mail Marshall Secure
MailMarshal Secure is an optional module of MailMarshal SMTP. MailMarshal Secure offers a server-based solution for organizations requiring encryption of email. MailMarshal Secure is fully compliant with the S/MIME (Secure Multipart Internet Mail Extensions) standard for PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

Mail Marshall SMTP
MailMarshal SMTP is an enterprise-level email content security and control product. Content Security is about monitoring and controlling the electronic data entering or leaving an organization. MailMarshal provides server-based solutions to the key issues in this area. MailMarshal SMTP is designed to screen out email threats such as viruses and spam, while providing a checkpoint for confidential data, defamation, profanity or other forms of email misuse that may potentially harm business reputation.




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